Making an impact one project at a time.
Become an SVC
What is a Social Venture Capitalist (SVC)?
  • Someone that is looking to make an impact.
  • Someone looking for a social return on his or her investment - returns that help people in high-need areas of the world remove the barriers they face.
  • 1Well measures success in terms of
    • people affected
    • clean water provided
    • agricultural production increased
    • sanitation facilities built
    • education hours increased
    • healthcare issues reduced

SVCs leverage a variety of fundraising techniques. Dan sent Christmas cards to friends and family and raised $5,000 to build a well providing clean water for over 500 people. Matt organized a 5K run to raise $3,500 to build a check dam that helped extending the growing season for a village of 2,000. Mac, twelve years old, is raising $1,400 this summer from his lemonade stand to repair a drinking well.

Make an impact. Become an SVC.
  • Browse the Available Projects and pick one that fits your interests and budget.
  • Create a creative fundraising approach (see the SVC Toolkit for ideas) to raise the capital.
  • 1Well will forward 100% of the funds to its certified local partner in the region and will report back on the projects progress.
Join the ranks of 1Well SVCs today
Individual SVCs

Dan (34, Strategy Consultant, Washington, DC): Vachharajpur Village Well; $5,000 COMPLETE

Dan (34, Stategy Consultant, Washington, DC): Project to be determined. Dan will be raising money as he trains to race in the Chicago and New York Triathlons.

Matt (35, Medical Student, Minneapolis, MN): Sedla Village Check Dam; $3,500; needs $2,000

Mac (12, 5th Grader, Chicago, IL): Mulada Village Well; $1,400, needs $1,400

Heather (37, Architect, Chicago IL): Project to be determined

Mary (50, Toy Store Owner, Key Biscayne, FL): Project to be determined

Camille (36, Leadership Coach, Washington, DC): Project to be determined

Corporate SVCs

Affinity Lab (Entrepreneurial shared work space, Washington, DC): Project to be determined (World leading job board, Chicago, IL): Project to be determined