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Projects in Progress: Kapurashi Village
Rural well
Rural well
Rural village
Rural village
Chili Contestants
Chili Contestants
Kapurashi Village,
Gujarat, India
No. of households:
Project Objective:
Provide basic sanitation and land development infrastructure to improve health and sanitation and the the quality and quantity of crops
Total Project Time:
8 months to complete work
Kate & John (retired teachers)
SIs Involved:
100 colleagues & friends
Investment Needed:

Chili Contestants
Fundraising Efforts:
Sunday, October 5, 2008
5:00pm - 9:00pm
$50.00 per person
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$50.00 per person
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Kapurashi Water, Sanitation, and Land Development Project

Kate, John & 100 Friends Partner with Kapurashi Village

We (Kate & John) are retired teachers from Lyons Township High School in LaGrange, IL, who after being involved with 1Well's Vachharajpur well project, decided to bring together our friends and former colleagues to partner with Kapurashi, a remote village in northwestern India. One hundred families contributing $100 can empower a village of 1,400 people to increase their productivity and improve their standard of living.

We are "partnering" with Kapurashi, not simply donating $10,000 and leaving. After these initial projects are complete, we will be working with the village and the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA;, our on-the-ground field partner, to identify the next level projects that will support village entrepreneurs. As basic services are provided, people will be spending less time on water collection, lesser walking of great distances to relieve themselves, and reduced threat of unsafe drinking conditions. For children, this additional time becomes increased attendance in classrooms. For adults, it means more productive time in the fields, or the ability to begin enterprises, like making soap and incense, weaving, performing embroidery, and trading or selling goods. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful and economically fulfilling friendship.

Project Description

Agriculture is the major occupation of Kapurashi Village. The region is dry and semi-arid and agriculture is essentially rain fed. In order to have access to water, the communities need land and water development activities in the village. Sanitation is a major problem. There are no toilets, which means villagers have to walk long distances to relieve themselves. Such lack of sanitation makes the village dirty and unhygienic, increasing the possible outbreak of disease. Kapurashi need toilets in the village and need a general cleaning cleaning of the village to reduce health hazards.

To improve Kapurashi’s agricultural output, soak pits are needed to store waste water, which will increase the moisture in the soil and recharge the land's productive capacity. Drinking water pits for animals are also needed so that animals are not sharing water sources with people, which is unsanitary and increases the likelihood of disease.

The projects we will be supporting include:

• Well (repair): 1

• Roof rainwater harvesting tanks: 10

• Sanitation facilities:10

• General village cleaning: 1

• Farm pond repairing: 1

• Farm pond building: 3

• Agricultural trainings : 2

• Soak pits: 20

Join Kate, John and their friends and colleagues and partner with Kapurashi village to provide the basic health, sanitation, and agricultural needs required to support a healthy and positive community.