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Village Well - Pre-construction
Village Well In-Progress
Village Well In-Progress
Village Well In-Progress
Completed Well
Village Vachharajpur,
Gujarat, India
No. of households:
Project Objective:
Complete unfinished village well
Project Details:
Only source of drinking water; near Vachhrajbapa Temple where people of Vachharajpur and neighboring villages gathered for religious festivals
Total Project Time:
5 Months
Dan Morrison
SIs Involved:
13 ; Heather (Chicago, IL), Farhan (Chicago, IL), Rhonda (Chicago, IL), Ricardo (San Juan, PR), Cristina (San Juan, PR), John (Oak Lawn, IL), Michael (Chicago, IL)
Investment Needed:
Fundraising Efforts:
Christmas card campaign
Vachharajpur: Village Well

The Village had been in the process of re-building a well but immediately after the old well was demolished for the new well's construction, the project funding was cut. The village was left with no source of clean water and the villagers needed to walk seven kilometers to the next village every day for water collection. The village needed $5,000 to finish building the new well.

Dan Morrison (SVC) printed Christmas cards that recounted the story of the well and announced that he was raising $5,000 to build the well. He almost instantly began receiving checks for $500 and $1,000 to contribute to the project. Just three weeks later, Dan wired $5,000 to 1Well’s local Indian partner, the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and by mid-January construction on the well had begun.

In May, the well was finished and a $5,000 social investment brought over 500 people clean drinking water.